Looking for the unique in each artist and artwork, I offer a means of access that allows for the pleasure of individual discovery. Immersing myself in the study of an artist’s lifework and vision, I compose a thoughtful analysis based on my consideration of subject, style, and process. My goal is having the reader eager to see the work itself. With a Yale PhD in art history, I have a knowledge base that gives a solid foundation and context, and my years teaching in the classroom have shown me how to communicate to a diverse audience.  Through associations with artists, I have gained insights into techniques and strategies of art-making, and I enjoy the exchange that takes place in writing for and about them.

Writing is my creative expression, and writing about art brings all of my resources to bear. As an art writer, I have been excerpted in “Noted with Pleasure” in the New York Times Book Review. I draw from a carefully selected palette to portray and describe: I want the reader to “sense” the art from the flow and combinations of words and ideas — a verbal approximation of a visual experience. Whether a short or long piece, an essay for a website or an exhibition submission, content for a book or a statement, commissioned by an artist, gallery, or collector, I invest a passion and set a standard of professionalism and quality that matches your own.

Each project that I work on is customized and priced accordingly. Please contact me with the details and the scope of the work, and I’ll provide an estimate and suggestions.

Paul Pascarella, Dynamics of Nature


“It’s a gift to have an excellent writer respond to your personal visual imagery and describe it in a meaningful way.”
-Laura Robbins

“Stephanie Grilli is the FIRST writer to put all my art work into an international contextual chronology. She intelligently and succinctly explains content and materials, tying all my work into a cohesive lifetime process.”
-Suzanne Betz

“It is not very often that a reviewer has such understanding and depth of an artist and is able to focus on the art, the artist, and the meaning of the work with such clarity. I was impressed and delighted that Stephanie was able to reach the core of what I was doing and that she could lead a viewer on a journey of meaning without limiting their own vision .”

-Evey Jones

“Stephanie identified threads throughout my work and made connections that I had not imagined. Through her approach and with her suggestions, I have been able to see my work in new ways. She’s given me new tools to work with, and I’m beginning a journey of ideas that is already greatly impacting my artwork.”

-Gwen Laine